A sweet little gift.

A sweet little gift.

These limited edition balsam + vetiver gift boxes from Common Good & Co have arrived at the shop.  The bottles can be brought back to the shop when empty and refilled with any of our classic Common Good scents.

glass bottle hand soap, glass bottle dish soap and glass bottle all purpose 
spray in balsam / vetiver scent with note card and wooden crate.  $65


Lovely blog post from Ali Kaplan here.


Opening Day

A windy and perfect morning to open the doors to The Foundry Home Goods.


Notary Ceramics

Just ordered some hand made, high fired stoneware candlesticks, water pitchers and mugs for the shop! These candlesticks are pretty darn sweet set alone or in a grouping of various sizes. From from the lovely NOTARY CERAMICS where Sarah, her family and her four very cranky chickens live and make beautiful pottery in Portland, Oregon


First Order | Common Good

Today was a big day.....the first purchase order was sent out via good old fashioned snail-mail.  Sacha at Common Good & Co was such a big help and sweetly, seemed as excited as I was about this big step for my new little shop.  I can’t wait to set up our new bulk soap refill station with their lovely product. 


That feeling.

Stealing this photo from my dear friend, Alecia's trip to Rome. It's encapsulating that feeling....that pit in your stomach, rush of blood to your cheeks, clenching the fists feeling. I want to hold on to it. So tender and so, so sweet.


Under Foot


I don't often come across a modern rug or textile with patterns or imagery that gets me. Antique rugs and vintage finds aside, modern patterns and prints seem to distract....they drive me batty. Of course, there are exceptions.

Fort Street Studio is one of those exceptions. Beautiful silk and wool rugs with quite and balanced imagery. Completely refreshing.


On the Street...

The most tender hearted man in fashion. It's about time someone turned the camera around on him.


Constellation Mirror

A big beautiful convex mirror done up in some pretty fantastic horn. Little bubble etchings make this mirror more fascinating than functional, but in the most wonderful way. It's like looking though a submarine window 20,000 leagues under the sea.


Little Pear Pendants

Sweet little perforated copper pendant lights from Egypt. From my favorite new Dutch design shop Le Souk.


Some winter floral arranging that I did for our showroom last week.

Open Windows

This is an image from the film Bright Star about John Keats and his love, Fanny Brawn. A lovely film. The scene is so quiet and beautiful. The colors, the sound, the feeling...everything. I can't quite shake it.



Squash Blossoms

My mom sent me this picture with her iPhone yesterday. It always feels like a small miracle to me each time that she conquers technology to send me these visual nuggets from back home. She titled it "Anna Time/Harvest Time". Baskets nestled in the grass with their garden treasures. Usually around my birthday she calls me to tell me the story of when she was in labor with me, listening to the crickets at our old kitchen table, stopwatch in hand. Timing contractions on a hot and still summer night. Almost 30 years ago. Wasn't that long ago that I was just a squash blossom in a basket...fresh out of the garden.

It's been an amazing year.




The beach via Steven Alan.